Getting To Know Methandrostenolone Steroids

Also called dianabol, methandrostenolone has been quite effective at treating several non-medical and medical conditions ever since it was first introduced in the early 1930s. Though there are some definite benefits to methandrostenolone, there are also some notable side effects to the drug, which is why precautions should be in place if you’re going to use methandrostenolone for personal needs.

Methandrostenolone is basically the scientific name for dianabol. It’s sold in the consumer market as dianabol. In other words, you won’t come across the terms “methandrostenolone for sale” if you’re out in the market to order Methandrostenolone. The oral steroid is used to enhance metabolism and muscle growth. It has several physiological benefits, which includes muscle gains, a boost in physical performance, and increased stamina. Thanks to methandrostenolone’s ability to provide quick results, the steroid is quite popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders.

Dianabol is among the oldest steroids on the market. In fact, it’s next only to testosterone. The steroid is basically made after making a few changes in testosterone. Dianabol is an extremely potent anabolic steroid, which is available both as an oral drug and injection. The steroid is used in bulking cycles, which usually last some four to six weeks. The drug exhibits moderate androgenic and strong anabolic traits that become easily visible in the body within a few weeks of usage.

With methandrostenolone usage, you should expect some rapid muscle gains, provided you work out in the gym. Not to mention, there are increases in stamina and body strength as well, which amount to a fit and strong appearance. Moreover, the drug significantly decreases recovery time post physical exertion. The drug manages to achieve all these effects as it accelerates the body cells’ protein synthesis, and helps with the development of the cellular tissues, particularly in the muscles.

On the medical front, methandrostenolone has been used to successfully treat certain medical conditions such as delayed puberty, breast cancer, reduced red blood cell (RBC) count, and testicular function loss. Also, the steroid helps protect against anemia and tissue breakdown.

The dosage could vary based on the user and the effects desired. For instance, a beginner’s dosage requirements would start at 20 mg per day, and won’t be greater than 30 mg. The dosage could be altered with time, based on the user’s additional requirements and response to the drug. This dosage usually lasts for a couple of weeks or could extend to six weeks; a four-week cycle is usually the norm. You should start seeing results within two weeks – the muscle mass gain would likely be 10-20 pounds.

However, don’t get too excited with the results you see and go overboard. Continuous usage of the steroid for a longer time period could result in some major side effects – most of them would be reversible, but some may not be. Some of the likely side effects are liver issues, cardiovascular issues, and many other physiological problems. Limited dosage, healthy diet, and a good amount of exercise are things you need to mitigate the occurrence of these side effects.

Dianabol can be purchased online, but be wary of where you’re buying the drug from. Since the steroid is extremely popular and also tends to run out of stock easily at various online health stores, there are chances you could be handed over a fake. So do your research and try to shop at only the reputed stores.