Things You Must Know About Parabolan Steroids

Building muscles is not easy. Sometimes, no amount of sweating out in the gym helps you get the right bulges in the right spots. For a well-built and muscular body, at times you require a boost in the form of steroids. In this article, we’ll talk about one such steroid called parabolan. Whether you want to order Parabolan and use it for personal gains, or put up parabolan for sale, the following information would be beneficial either way.

Intro to the Steroid

Parabolan is an anabolic steroid derived from trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, a compound. It was initially manufactured during the late ’60s by a French company called Negma Laboratories. The drug is among the few human-safe steroid to be made from trenbolone. Back then, parabolan was used for treating cases of osteoporosis, malnutrition, and cachexia before the manufacturer finally pulled the steroid from the market in 1997. Since then, another trenbolone-derived human-grade steroid has not made it out to the market.


There are several benefits to parabolan usage. The following are the more common ones:

• Size and Strength Gain

Most people who use parabolan and most other steroids based on trenbolone report gains in muscle size and strength. And when taken in conjunction with testosterone, the gains are even more impressive.

• Cutting and Bulking

Parabolan is quite effective with cutting. The cutting benefit is made possible thanks to parabolan’s ability to increase nitrogen retention, which helps control metabolic activities. And if coupled with a good diet, the steroid’s effectiveness gets even better.

• Highly Androgenic and Anabolic

Generally, a steroid is either androgenic or anabolic. But parabolan is both, which is why the results achieved from this steroid are so dramatic.

• Doesn’t Chemically Aromatize

Parabolan doesn’t give out estrogens when it chemically reacts with the body’s natural hormones. As a result, there’s no risk of gynecomastia (man boobs) with parabolan, which is usually the case with the majority of steroids on the market.

• Solid and Firm Muscles

Parabolan not just helps with the bulges but the muscles derived are also firm and solid. In fact, the rock-hard muscles you get with this steroid is comparable or perhaps even better than what you possibly gain with anavar, another popular bodybuilding steroid.

Negative Effects

You cannot stand to benefit from anything if you’re not ready to accept the accompanying ill effects. In other words, parabolan has its share of side effects as well. Though the effects aren’t that extreme, they are there nonetheless. The severity of the side effects are in direct correlation with how long you’ve used the steroid and the dosage. The majority of the side effects are similar to the ones associated with other trenbolone-derived steroids. That said, there are also some unique drawbacks to parabolan. The side effects may vary across users, in terms of occurrence and severity.

• Cardiovascular

Parabolan increases the body’s cholesterol levels. However, when compared to other steroids, the effect isn’t that strong. The steroid could also induce high blood pressure. Follow a cholesterol-free diet if you’d want to avoid such cardiovascular effects.

• Androgenic

Parabolan is an extremely androgenic hormone. This is why you could experience side effects when on this steroid, such as acne and hair loss. Kindly note, the steroid would only aggravate existing hair and skin issues, and won’t be the sole reason behind such issues.