Understanding Prohormones Online And How To Use Them

As a athlete, you don’t want to use dangerous steroids to build muscle mass and strength. But you have heard of prohormones and you want to try them out. In fact, most people agree that pro hormones seem to work just as well as steroids in the long-term. They create the same muscle mass and strength but the side-effects are milder. Moreover, you can buy prohormones legally from any retailer in the world and you don’t have to worry about a prescription. This alone makes the choice worthwhile. But before you actually start with prohormone supplements, you want to learn a little more. And we are happy to help you with that. In this article, we’ve tried to cover all frequently asked questions about the best prohormones and how they work.

FAQ #1 – What is a prohormone (PH)?

A pro hormone is a chemical precursor of active steroid compounds. That means when you ingest a PH, it is acted upon by body chemicals or body enzymes and converted into an active steroid-like compound. Once the conversion is complete, you will experience the same results as that of steroids.

FAQ #2 – How long does it take to start working?

Each human body is unique and results do tend to vary. We recommend you start with the PH cycle and follow the dosing and medication instructions carefully. Do not change the dose or add medications to the dose. Be particularly careful if you have chronic medical conditions as they can interfere with the PHs and cause problems.

FAQ #3 – How long should I take the PHs?

Most manufacturers will have strict instructions on how to take the PHs and for how long. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully. On an average, a simple cycle may last anywhere from one week to six weeks. However, advanced cycles may increase to about twelve to fourteen weeks.

FAQ #4 – Will I experience side effects?

Every drug has side-effects and PHs are no different. However, post-cycle therapy will deal with most of the side-effects. Also remember to leave anywhere from one month to three month gap periods between cycles. This allows your body to recover completely.

FAQ #5 – Are PHs expensive?

Not really but costs do tend to vary from company to company.

FAQ #6 – How do I select the best prohormone for me?

Ideally, there is no such things as the best prohormone. Most manufacturers make a huge range of prohormone products that are designed to build muscle and to cut fat. However, they also add herbal ingredients and other additives like vitamins and minerals to the products. This way each product works differently. We recommend trying products from reputable brands like Crazy Mass or Crazybulk to ensure that you get guaranteed results.

FAQ #7 – How do I buy PHs?

You can find PHs online or at retailers as well. Most of them will have packaged deals in which you will get a PH product to be used for a specific time period. This will be accomoapnied by a pre-cycle, inter-cycle, or post-cycle supportive regimen of medicines. This packaged deal means that you know exactly the dose of PHs you have to take and for how long. The supportive cycle therapy will also ensure that any and all side effects are managed completely.

The Bottom line

Yes, there are several different prohormones for sale on the retail and wholesale market and almost all of them work out really well. They are not expensive and completely legal. Most companies also offer predetermined cutting and bulking products along with supportive therapy in complete package deals to ensure that users get a guaranteed result.

If you use the best prohormones on the market, we feel that this is a win-win deal for everyone.