The Beginner’s Guide To Superdrol Steroids

Superdrol is a popular anabolic steroid that has been proven to be very effective in building muscles. It has an active compound called methyldrostanolone, which was first formulated by Syntex Corporation back in 1956. It was formulated for medical or pharmaceutical reasons, primarily for the removal of tumors. Although it began in 1956, it was first sold in the market as a powerful bodybuilding supplement in 2005. It is worth noting that the term Superdrol is a brand name, and does not refer to the compound itself. Its name is a witty combination of the words “super” and the famous steroid, “Anadrol.”


Superdrol is an excellent steroid for bulking up. It is also helpful for a cutting cycle. It is a potent steroid that can give you serious muscle gains and increase your overall strength and performance. As such, it is widely used by many professional bodybuilders and athletes, including sports enthusiasts and gym rats. When you use Superdrol, you can expect to have significant gains in lean tissue.

Although popular as an effective steroid in bulking up, Superdrol is also useful when cutting down. It can help you prevent muscle loss while losing body fats. It will also make your muscular physique look harder.

Superdrol can also boost your endurance and improve your overall athletic performance. And what is more, it speeds up recovery time. Truly, this steroid will allow you to exercise harder like never before and gain serious, lean muscles.

Side effects

There are serious side effects associated with the use of Superdrol. Fortunately, it does not have any side effects of estrogenic nature. However, there are other things to watch out for, such as high blood pressure, a sudden spike in bad cholesterol level, low testosterone level, and high liver toxicity. If you are taking this steroid, it is best to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages. Being a powerful steroid, it can also cause virility if used by women.


It is suggested that you only take a small dose of Superdrol, especially if your body is not used to taking any anabolic steroids. The recommended dosage is only 10mg per day. You can then gradually increase it to 20mg after a week or two. Although others can take as much as 40-50mg daily, it is best to stick to the safe and recommended dosage. After all, each human body is different. What may work for one person does not always mean that the same would also apply to your body. To be safe, consult your doctor.

Buy Superdrol

Since anabolic steroids, including Superdrol, are strictly regulated by most states, it is not easy to find this steroid. Also, do not expect to be able to buy the original Superdrol, because it is no longer being manufactured.  You can still be able to find Superdrol for sale in the black market or even online. Keep it noted, however, that since this is an anabolic androgenic steroid, it is considered a controlled substance under the US law. Therefore, you would be transgressing the law should you order Superdrol without a doctor’s prescription. If caught, serious penalties may be imposed, such as fines and even imprisonment. Also, never take this steroid on an empty stomach.


Superdrol is an excellent steroid for bulking up and cutting down. It is important that you take the right dosage for your body. It is also a sound advice to stack Superdrol with other supplements in order to counterbalance its side effects.