Over 40?, Why Aren’t You A Bodybuilder?

Aging with grace is something every middle age adult seeks to attain. As our age increases above 40 things begin to change within our bodies. As we get older, humans begin to lose lean muscle mass, our metabolism slows, and we can begin to accumulate unwanted body fat. While these changes are natural and sometimes unavoidable, there is something we can do to prevent or at least slow down father time.

Bodybuilding for over 40s

When you are confronted with the term bodybuilding your immediate thought turns to the musclebound freaks you see at Venice Beach and golds Gym. These human anatomy charts may be the stereotype, but they are not what we are talking about when we suggest bodybuilding. When we talk bodybuilding, we are referring to resistance training.

What is resistance training?

Resistance training is any type of training that causes your muscles to contract under load, or resistance. To achieve this, you can use many types of equipment or none. Traditional weight sets, resistance bands as well as bodyweight exercises, are all forms of resistance training.

What will resistance training achieve?

If you want to slow that fat gaining around your waist you need to do some sort of resistance training. As we age our metabolism slows, and loss of muscle is one of the main causes. If you want to slow that weight gain lift something up and put it back down. Then do it again.

Other benefits.

Resistance training is low impact. It means that your old bones don’t have to endure the pounding that other higher impact activities, like running, give to the body. Lifting things many times also adds lean muscle, therefore, slowing the aging process and keeping you younger for longer.

If you want to slow the process of aging, limit the accumulation of body fat and maintain your strength later in life then you should consider adding resistance.